Lost Mailbox Key Replacement

We replace lost mailbox keys, However it is very Important that you’ll know which mail box is yours  before you schedule a service with us, As a Locksmiths we don’t have a way to determent which Mailbox is belongs to you , and in case that you  not sure about your mailbox location  please contact your homeowners association or your nearest U.S. Post Office or your landlord , they can provide you with information regarding your mailbox location. If you would like to have your mailbox lock replaced or you have any Questions please call Us for free  estimate.

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Locksmith Services for Mailboxes:

Lost Mail Box Keys Replacement Broken Mail Box Key Extracted 
Replace Mailbox key Broken Mail Box Locks Replacement


Mailbox locks are very important for the safety of your identity. In Arizona identity theft is a common crime and one of the steps to prevent it is to secure your mail. Whenever you buy a new or resale home or move into a new office it is very essential to secure your mail delivery. If you have a mailbox in the common mailbox area you should consider replacing your mailbox lock.

In addition, it is very common that the previous tenant or owner forgot to provide you with the mailbox key and even the mailbox number.

All our locksmith services are mobile locksmith services in Phoenix  metro area.

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We recently moved to Phoenix, Arizona. We had Arizona keys locksmith come and change all of our door locks to fit one key. The locksmith technician did a great job. The price was reasonable. We also need to remove the pad lock off the side door and the technician didn’t charge us for it, (He said this is your welcome to Phoenix Arizona present) Thanks!!!. Amanda, Phoenix AZ

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