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It’s a bristling cold night in Arizona…

It’s a bristling cold night in Arizona and you can hear the wind slamming the shutters, moving the leaves and generally terrorizing the neighborhood. There’s rain, lightning, and booming thunder, but you and your loved one need to eat and so decide to pick up some food at the local Chinese place in Phoenix. You pause the warm glow of the movie and walk out of the apartment in search of some cartons of delicious orange chicken. You buy the food which is warm in your hand, but the rain is starting to get into the plastic bag holding the Chinese food and you want to get home quick! You hurriedly walk back to your building, haphazardly shielding yourself from the weather with a coat over your pajamas. When you finally make it to your door, you’re almost ready to give a prayer of gratitude for your warm apartment, your delicious food that you are about to enjoy, and in general your great warm life and warm partner.

And that’s when it happens. That’s when the buildings of your city begin to crumble.

You reach into your pocket and feel a strange empty feeling. It can’t be…no…the world begins to melt in front of your eyes. Your partner looks at you with desperate eyes. What could possibly be wrong? “The keys…” you say, “I left them…in the kitchen…”.

Luckily, you have your phone, but before you are able to find the right locksmith (Call us 480-941-7239) you will have to answer some important questions:

Do you tip a locksmith?

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The consensus among sources found on the internet is that home services are not tipped. But do you tip a locksmith? No. People like plumbers, electricians, construction workers, and locksmith’s are providing professional services, and aren’t relying on tips to make up the majority of their wages (as they do …

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What is an auto locksmith?

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An auto locksmith helps you with all of your needs with regard to keys, your ignition, and your car. This is the case with regard to older cars and regular metal keys, as well as newer cars with transponder chip keys and even keyless entry. This is the case with …

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What is a mobile locksmith?

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A mobile locksmith is someone who can come to you when you need help opening a lock or making a new key. They mostly bring the entire shop with them in their vehicle. Whether you are outside of your apartment in the rain or stuck with your car in a …

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Should a locksmith be bonded?

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A bond is a type of guarantee. In the case of a locksmith, a bond is a guarantee by a bonding company or insurance company, which the locksmith will carry out the terms of the contract (and won’t destroy your door or give you a broken lock). Because the locksmith …

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How to find a locksmith?


How to find a locksmith in Phoenix, AZ metro area? There are many different ways of finding a locksmith in your area, but one surefire strategy is to search for a locksmith with several reviews on Google or Yelp, and perhaps a presence on a home services site like Angie’s …

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