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Standing still you feel your body tensing.  Your heart is racing. Your ears are acutely aware of all of the sounds around you. That lingering headache is now hammering your brain like a jack hammer. How could you have forgotten something so important? The one thing that helps you gain access to the more important things in your life. Your keys.  In 2013, AAA reported that millions of motorists were locked out of their vehicles.  Additionally, thousands of people are locked out of their homes each year.  Unlocking doors becomes a frustrating experience for these car and home owners.  Arizona Keys Locksmith is the perfect solution for getting you back into your home or vehicle.  Touted as one of the best locksmith services in Phoenix, the team at Arizona Keys Locksmith can get you back into your home or motor vehicle in no time.

Arizona Key’s Locksmith’s services don’t stop there, however.  They are experts in fixing broken keys, changing house locks, installing new locks, repairing locks, copying and cutting keys, replacing a car ignition, programming keys, extracting keys, rekeying cylinders, and fixing broken deadbolts.  Safety and security are out priority. We run background checks on all of our locksmiths and ensure that they are properly trained to provide you with excellent service. Below is a brief description of each of our services. Understanding what we have to offer can help you make an informed decision to contact us for all of your locksmith needs.


Fixing Broken Keys

Hearing the dreaded sound of your key breaking in a lock can put you on edge.  Our expertly trained locksmiths will get your key safely out of the lock and repair it with our hi-tech instruments.  Paying attention to the keys you use can, however, save you from damaging your lock. Keys wear out over time. They can also become bent and fragile. If you notice that your key is either worn or bending, contact a locksmith to get it replaced immediately.

Changing Existing or Installing New House Locks

Phoenix LocksmithSecurity is a primary concern for people who change house locks. Some of the top reasons that should make you consider changing your house lock are:

  • Losing your house keys. You never know who could find them and use them to gain access to your home.
  • Moving to a new place. Always change all of the locks in your new home. You don’t know who has access to copies of the house keys.
  • Giving spare keys to people working in your home. If you’ve hired someone to do a job in your home and you happen to give him or her the keys, change the locks as soon as the job has been completed.
  • Keeping an estranged partner at bay. If you have a stalker, change the locks. If you’re going through a hostile divorce, change the locks. If you’re separated from your partner as a result of conflict, change the locks.
  • Losing a housemate. If someone you used to share your home with moves out, change the locks even if they return the keys.
  • Old and worn locks. If your locks are worn and difficult to use, they need to be replaced.
  • A recent burglary or attempted burglary. As soon as you see any signs of a burglary, call the police and change all of your locks.

Arizona Key Locksmith’s offers top-rated locksmith services in Phoenix.  You can trust us to change all of the locks in your home.

Repairing Locks

Locks can be damaged for a variety of reasons. Regardless of the reason, however, we can restore the lock.

Copying and Cutting Keys

In 2014 there was much discussion about the emerging online key copying market. Companies were attempting to replace the traditional locksmith experience with a user-friendly app experience. All people had to do was take a picture of their key using their smartphone. They would then send the picture to the online key cutting company. The company would then mail the key to the customer. It is no surprise that his service raised several red flags. Nothing beats the safe face-to-face experience of a traditional locksmith service. At Arizona Key Locksmith you can trust us to copy and cut your keys.

Replacing a Car Ignition

Cars are complex inventions. There could be several reasons for one problem. For instance, there could be several reasons for your car not starting. Your car starts as a result of the ignition being stimulated to send a spark to the car’s battery and starter. If your car isn’t starting, your ignition switch is probably worn.  Replacing a car’s ignition switch could be either a simple or a complex job.  So, it’s best to get expert assistance. The Arizona Key Locksmith team is equipped with the requisite skills to get your vehicle going again in the shortest time possible.

Programming Keys

Most modern vehicles use remote controlled keys. So, for many car owners getting back into their vehicles after they have been locked out isn’t as simple as cutting a new car key. The Arizona Locksmith team can reprogram your remote controlled car key.

Extracting Keys

Key extraction refers to the action of getting a broken key out of a lock. Attempting to extract a key as a DIY project can be risky. A slight mistake can result in the lock being damaged. A damaged lock means that you will have to spend even more money to get the lock replaced. Hiring a professional to extract your key can, therefore, prove to be a wise decision. Feel free to contact us for your key extraction needs.

Rekeying Cylinders

Each door lock is comprised of a lock cylinder and pins. Replacing a lock often requires rekeying the lock’s cylinder.  Arizona Key Locksmith offers affordable cylinder rekeying services for people living in and around Phoenix.

Fixing Broken Deadbolts

Spring bolts are the most common types of bolts. They use springs to keep the bolt in place. Applying force allows the spring to fall back. Deadbolts, however, require the use of a key to take the bolt out of the lock position.  It’s best to hire a professional if anything goes wrong with your deadbolt. Feel free to contact us and we will fix your deadbolt.


When choosing a locksmith you should choose a name you can trust. Arizona Key Locksmith has built a reputation for being one of the best locksmith services in the Phoenix area. Call us today for any of your locksmith needs.

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